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Experience mind-blowing visual and audio effects in Premiere Pro & After Effects CC 2014 and CC 2015!

THAT Studio creates and distributes
Practical Visual and Audio Effects & Tools for Artists, Editors
and Everyone else.

Atmospheres Bundle


  • Atmospheres Volume I and II, with 100 audio and music atmospheres for film and television
  • designed to move your story forward, each atmosphere is a wave file that comes with its stems.
  • Hand-crafted, hand-created, composed atmospheres
  • Designed by Jesse James, just for you.
  • Bundle includes Atmospheres I and II, Cinematic Music, Corporate Music and Sound Effects Volume I!
  • Only works inside Adobe Premiere Pro or Adobe After Effects CC 2014.
  • Watch the intro video on Vimeo.

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THAT Studio Colour


  • An innovative approach to colour correction and grading, THAT Studio Colour features 100 corrections and pre-built Looks, allowing a unique colour scheme to enhance your film, while providing a simplified toolkit for complex tasks like shot matching and balancing.
  • Pre-built Looks provide a way to give images a different look and feel that enhance the visual impact and support the story.
  • Lovingly crafted by Colorist, Jason Bowdach

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Conform Studio


  • Automatically precompose your shots, batch rename them using highly customisable presets, extract your compositions into separate files and trim your media to reduce the amount of data you distribute to your artists.
  • After the work is done, you can replace the compositions with rendered files, automatically update them to the latest version or replace the renders with graded files from another folder.
  • Don't waste your time
    it's not worth it.

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Trim N Collect


  • Trim N Collect will trim and transcode media clips used in your After Effects project to include only the used parts, and relink to these files.
  • Additional options give you total control over the size of handles you want to leave, processing of image and multi-channel EXR sequences, as well as how the files are collected.




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THAT Studio makes practical visual effects and music to make your feature film, or television commercial or corporate video look great... right from Premiere Pro or After Effects


What are THAT Studio Effects ?

THAT Studio Effects are a collection of Visual Effects (smoke, fire, flames, muzzle flashes, ice, snow and much more) that can be dragged and dropped on top of your footage and give you immediate, high-quality, professional visual effects. They work in every editing system, from Premiere Pro to Final Cut Pro and even iMovie or After Effects!

Are THAT Studio Effects Royalty-Free ?

Yes. As Indie content creators ourselves, we understand you want the content to follow you wherever you go and be used in whatever you do. You licensed the content. You can use it, without restrictions, on any project, from feature films to television and anything in-between. You can read our full, probably boring, Terms of Service, if you want.

Why is THAT Studio Effects so reasonably priced ?

We did this on purpose, so everyone can afford the product. We hope this encourages everyone to purchase their own copy (piracy is bad), so we can keep creating great content every month and add it to your existing account.

How do I get updates to THAT Studio Effects ?

Once you purchase THAT Studio Effects, you will receive a private download link to your private licensed content. Whenever we do an update, you will receive an email letting you know new content is available. You can either use the email provide link to the new content, or your original private download link.

Do I ever lose my license or my content ?

You will never lose your license. Once you purchase THAT Studio Effects, you have a royalty-free license to this content. Your content will be available to you online as a download or in your library, once you've downloaded the files. If we ever decide to retire THAT Studio Effects, we email you and let you know with plenty of time to download everything.

How do I add THAT Studio Effects to my workflow ?

If you are using Adobe Premiere Pro, it's easy; just drag the clip you want into the timeline, select the correct "Blend Mode", and experience a beautiful, high quality overlay of Snow, Smoke, Fire, Fog, Flame and other great effects. Our friend Maxim Jago has a fantastic tutorial on Blend Modes in Premiere Pro over at Video2Brain/

Are THAT Studio Effects Quicktime files ?

Yes! But, that's like saying, "Isn't your film just a bunch of Quicktimes?" The great thing about Quicktime files is they work in any NLE or software which supports Quicktime. And, like your beautiful and unique footage, everything in THAT Studio Effects was shot with the goal of creating the best footage available.

Are there any compatibility issues with upgrades ?

You never have to worry about compatibility. When you upgrade your software, everything will still work without requiring any updates.

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Our Team

Creative Professionals with a focus on Editors, Filmmakers, and Visual Effects.
Kanen Flowers
Chief THAT Officer

Kanen is the Founder & Chief THAT Officer of THAT Studio, also founded nCircle Network Security and TrustPipe. He uses Audition, Premiere Pro, After Effects, Imagineer System's Mocha Pro, and Maxon's CINEMA 4D. His screenplays are written in #Fountain using Slugline, and he collaborates with TRELLO, SLACK and WIPSTER.

Alan Edward Bell
THAT Co-founder

Alan has 25 years of experience in the film industry. His credits include Water for Elephants, The Amazing Spider-Man and (500) Days of Summer. He has spent the last several years working on The Hunger Games Trilogy.

He lives in Los Angeles with his wife and two sons.

Norman Hollyn
THAT Director

Norman Hollyn is the Head of the Editing Track at University of Southern California's School of Cinematic Arts, the author of The Lean Forward Moment and the editor of many television shows and films, including HEATHERS, THE COTTON CLUB, and Oliver Stone's WILD PALMS.

Paul Babb
THAT Advisor

Paul Babb is president and CEO of MAXON the Americas, globally recognized as a leading developer of 3D motion graphics, visual effects, and rendering software applications. Aside from being a great guy, Paul helps THAT Studio by serving as an advisor, Board Member and as adult supervision for the business side of the company.

Wes Plate
THAT Advisor

Wes is a former editor and After Effects artist who went on to found Automatic Duck, Inc., a company that specialized in the translation of timelines between different NLE and compositing systems. Until 2013, Wes worked in the Product Management group at Adobe Systems.

Christine Sparr
THAT Coordinator

Expert in creating perfection, organization ninja, marketing master, and numbers nerd. Christine has her hands in nearly every aspect of THAT Studio and keeps everything glued together. She is also the successor to Hunter Rose and the second incarnation of Grendel.

Bart Walczak
THAT Wizard

Bart loves editing, visual effects and grading, and at the same time also has a strong background in computer science. Currently at THAT Studio, he uses his skills to conjure tools to make artists' lives easier and facilitate creative processes.

Vince Bauer
THAT Dreamer

Vince is a Writer, VFX Artist, and Professional Dreamer. His VFX tools include Luxology’s-modo, Maxon’s-CINEMA 4D, Imagineer Systems-Mocha Pro, and various Adobe tools. Once upon a time, he was a Research Engineer. Think Bell Laboratories, and he was there. Writing stories and exploring new ways to give them expression is what propels his creative core.

Jesse James
THAT Composer

Jesse W D James is a musician and composer with a love for blending many musical genres. Holding a master’s degree in piano performance, Jesse has scored video games and digital media, released prog music on his YouTube channel, and composed works for the concert hall.

Jason Bowdach
THAT Colorist

Jason is a colorist, online editor, and general post production ninja. His tools of choice include Blackmagic DaVinci Resolve, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe After Effects, Imagineer Systems Mocha Pro, Maxon Cinema 4D, and a generic electric screwdriver. In his free time, he enjoys keeping current on film & television trends, along with running a blog about color and post production.

Kristin Martin
THAT Tech Producer

Kristin is a sound and picture editor, 2D and 3D motion graphics artist and technical producer. She also has some familiarity with color correction and compositing, and has a long history of producing and editing podcasts. She is comfortable using Premiere, After Effects, Audition, most of the Adobe apps, FCP, Pro Tools and CINEMA 4D.

Maciek Kaliski
THAT Editor

Maciek is a film editor, with experience behind the camera, having worked on many projects - from music videos, to short documentaries and TV Pilots (think 18:20!). When not editing films, Maciek likes to spend his free time writing or exploring new worlds in video games.

Nick Harauz
THAT Instructor

Nick Harauz is a certified Adobe, Apple and Avid Certified Trainer. He speaks at international conferences and has video training on the web through Lynda, Motion VFX, Adobe and of course THAT Studio!


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